Connecting Customers with Your Business!

Beacon Factory is a small, credit card sized iBeacon that transmit message to smartphone and tablets up to 100m (in the open air). It is cloud controlled devices and energy-efficient king with 3-year battery life.

Beacon Factory Can:

  • Deliver targeted notifications, deals, promotions, etc to customers.
  • Accurately locate customers in store.
  • Alert visitors to new items in store.
  • Understand visitors better to maximise your investment.
  • Send customers an explanatory video, images, GIF and more.
  • Create a self-explanatory tour, where the messages and notifications change automatically as visitor move from one beacon to another.
  • Easily configure, integrate and customize as per your store system.
  • Easily track and manage visitors and information to cloud system.
  • Out-of-store marketing.
  • Advanced data gathering.
  • Send Push notification and enhance marketing & better customer experience.

Beacon Factory Specification

Beacon Factory Features

Support standard Apple iBeacon-broadcasting protocol

Support standard Apple iBeacon broadcasting protocol

Support standard Google Eddystone Protocol

Support standard Google Eddystone protocol

Support Dynamic Modification

Support dynamic modification of UUID, Major/Minor ID, URL, UID, etc.


Support Wechat interface and shake access.


Support for iOS 13+, Android 4.3 or above.

Connection Modes

Various Connection mode including advertising mode & configuration mode.

Attract and Engage Customer with
Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Solution

shopping malls ind

Shopping Malls

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How Shopping Malls can use beacon to increase sales, revenue and engage customer to store when they come in geo-targeted areas?
  • Direct shoppers to their desired location or shops within mall
  • Send them welcome message and encourage them to come back
  • Send promotional offers to customers
  • Send early birds special messages to customers
  • Send festival special discount offers
  • Send clearance sale notifications
  • Trigger the notification about the number of available parking slots
  • Grab customer’s shopping experience feedback
  • Analyse customer interest and their unique needs
  • Allow customers to earn and manage points on the go and much more
airports ind


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How Airports can use Beacon to Empower Passengers?
  • Send promotional offers, messages and notifications to passengers based on their location in the terminal.
  • Send personalized updates and tips based on passengers need at the airport.
  • Send flight schedules, live status, arrivals, departure, delay, cancellation, etc. notifications
  • Direct passengers to common public paths such as public transport points, check-in counters, immigration, boarding/arrival gates, ATMs, baggage claim areas, rest room, restaurant and more.
  • Send personalized welcome message to passengers when they arrive at the airport.
healthcare ind


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How Hospitals can use beacon to boost patient experience and save time?
  • Beacon set up would help patient to fill the forms or necessary data on their personal devices, this would help to prioritize the patient flow.
  • Notify doctors or physician about patient’s medical history.
  • Send contextual information to patients such as wait time, healthcare tips, suggestions to patients based on their location.
  • Doctor’s or physician can detect patient’s appointment and direct patient to the assigned doctor’s room, medical clinic, reception, rest room and other healthcare facilities based on their geo-targeted location.
  • Beacon would help healthcare centers to gather and understand patient data and behaviour.
  • Patients can submit the feedback forms about the experience.
  • Beacon help healthcare centers to run the retargeting campaign and get the right audience at right time and much more.
railway station ind

Railway Stations

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How Railway Stations can use Beacon to made passengers journey easy?
  • Beacon can provide indoor navigation support to customers starting from entrance, ticket machine, platforms, waiting rooms, ATMs, Lounges, Rental services, Rest Rooms and more facilities on Railway Station.
  • Send messages and notification related to train schedule, time, platform, arrival, departure, delays and more.
  • Send notification about the parking space based on their travel data and geo-targeted location.
industries ind


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How Industries can use Beacon to streamline business process?
  • Beacon help to track and identify the inventory stock, good and equipment without human checking.
  • Find and view item easily without manual searching.
  • Get missing, moving or dropped item notification for safety and security purpose.
  • Reduce human errors and save time in manual auditing
  • Track workers, staff and also help them to navigate to the right path in the industry.
school and colleges ind

Colleges & Schools

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How School, Colleges and Universities use Beacon to help Student learning opportunities?
  • Beacon allow student to easily find the way in Campus. It can direct student to class rooms, labs, library, cafeteria, registration area, reception, entry & exit gates, sports ground, canteen, auditorium, meeting room, and other facilities.
  • Helps visually handicap students to reach to their desired location in crowded walkways, classroom, and cafeteria.
  • It can also be used for student safety by directly student to the right path in case of emergencies.
  • It is used to take student attendance and also can track and Record Student’s attendance and verify their non-presence in class.
  • Create a learning zone in campus and provide students more learning opportunities on their devices.
  • Share student results, exam schedules, worksheets, announcements and more directly to Student devices.
hotel and restaurants ind

Hotel & Restaurants

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How Hotel and Restaurants can use Beacon to improve Customer Experience?
  • Access to faster and easy check-ins and check-out, feedback system and other value added services directly to mobile phones
  • Easy and hassle-free navigation assistance to Hotel and Restaurant facilities like spa, swimming poos, restaurant, sym, sports center, gaming zone, kids zone and more.
  • Send personalized offers and promotions to guests based on their specific location in the hotel and restaurant.
  • Send notification about the parking space based on their geo-targeted location.
banks ind
How Bank can use Beacon to Improve Customer Experience and Interface?
  • Send personalized messages, offers and schemes running for an individual account holder.
  • Help customer to get notify about the wait time in queue.
  • Help customer to understand specific plans or offer directly on their mobile devices through video, content, documents and more.
  • Help bank staff to get customer analysis of a specific branch including returning customer, busiest day, dwell time, and more.
  • It simply helps to transfer money securely in a defined range.
gym and fitness center ind

Gym & Fitness Center

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How Gym & Fitness Center uses beacon to improve gym member retention?
  • Beacon help to broadcast the detailed information, guide, tutorials and videos on how to use certain gym equipment to motivate and help customer.
  • Send customer an information and tips on how to reduce the muscle pain and discomfort after a heavy workout. This would help them to maintain their daily workout routine and reduce the gym quitting rate.
  • Get feedback of newly added Gym equipment from the daily customers. They can submit the feedback directly from their personal device so the gym management would have a better idea on where to invest.
  • Beacons also helps to keep track member insight by having detailed information about member attendance, heat maps, busiest days and member history.
  • Beacons can send messages and notification about monthly challenges, events, hangout, goals and special offers directly to gym member’s mobile devices.
library ind


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How Library can use Beacon to help readers find book easily without human assistance?
  • For the first-time visitor, it is difficult to find books in library without human assistance but with Beacon it is possible to find book without human assistance.
  • With the Beacon enabled assistance, visitors or readers can easily find and locate any kind of books at their fingertips.
  • It helps visitors to navigate to the right path to find and locate book and shelf information in a quick time.
  • Send notification to the visitor about the library card availability, due dates, digital Catalog, meeting room and more based on their location.
  • It reduces the human resources or human assistance and make visitor life easy with digital way of finding and managing library books.
museum ind


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How Museum Use Beacon to Attract and Engage Visitor?
  • Beacon help to engage visitor by showing them variety of historical and contextual information, photos and video at the right time based on their live location.
  • It helps visitor to easily read and watch a wealth of information from the history, floor plan, videos, maps and more on their own personal devices.
  • It also helps to guide visitor to the right direction in museum and show them customized recommendation based on their interest.
zoos ind
How Zoos use Beacon to Attract and Engage Visitors?
  • Beacon works like a Tour Guide by sending visitor a contextual information, program reminders, places to visit, and more information directly to their smart device.
  • Send visitors a detailed information about animals, Park or Zoo information, Conservation status, videos and more.
  • Direct visitor to the right places based on their location.
  • Send notification to a visitor about the parking space and direct them towards the available space.
  • Send special offers, personalized messages and notifications to visitors based on their location.
  • Help to gather and analyse everyday visitor data which help in developing and improving visitor experience.
galleries ind


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How Galleries or Art Museum Use Beacon to Engage more visitor?
  • Trigger notification or messages based about artwork within the geo-targeted location
  • Send contextual information about artwork, history, video and relevant information.
  • Work like a self-guided tour by helping visitor to navigate from one place to another based on their interest and location
  • Keep track of visitor’s interest or favourite artwork and send them personalized messages, description, contextual information and special offers based on visitor location
  • It helps management to keep track of visitor data, interest, demography, location, hot-spot, and more through heat maps.
offices ind


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How enterprises and offices uses beacon to create smart office for employees?
  • 1Beacon helps to optimize the office processes from attendance tracking to inventory stock management by reducing the human efforts.
  • Beacon helps to avoid the long queues at the office attendance desk and let employees to do attendance from their personal mobile devices.
  • It also helps the human error involved in payroll processing.
  • Send notifications and personalized messages to employees regarding leaves, festival events, announcements, parties, celebrations and more.
  • It helps to books conference room, meeting rooms and send time schedule to concerned employees to their personal smart mobile devices.
  • Help customers or visitors to navigate to specific location like conference room, meeting room, receptions, help center, administration department, hr department, canteen and more.
aquariums ind


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How Aquariums uses beacons to help and engage more visitors?
  • Send personalized welcome message to visitor and offer them special discount, offers, vouchers and more.
  • Send notification to visitor about nearest fish information, video and more.
  • Send a new fish information notification and direct visitor to reach to their desired location with beacon.
  • Send visitor a special discount offers for cafeteria and restaurant for lunch and dinner at the appropriate time of the day.
  • Send a personalized messages and notification on future events, show times and more.
  • Track the visitor insight on how personalized messages and notifications are performing, visitor behaviour, interest, busiest day and more.

How It Works

cloud portal

1. Cloud Portal

It is used to add and delete content, image, video, gif, etc.

2. Beacon

Position beacon near to point of interest and It will transmit your content to Beacon Factory Apps.
Mobile Application

3. Mobile Application

Visitor with Beacon factory app will receive your content and it plays a major role in mobile marketing or mobile advertising.


Download the free Beacon Factory app from the App Store or Google Play to
receive information from nearby beacons.

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